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dl. dt. dc. dj. dv. ds. dg.
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Arxius MR. ST. El Sintagma verbal. El Núcleo el SV. Los verbos auxiliares. Los complementos del verbo (atributo, CD, etc.). Los valores de los pronombres “me, te, se, nos, os, se”

Resultado de imagen de sintaxis
(més…) RO. Raíz oculta. Controla el aire. Solitario mono. Recta es la regla.

(més…) Narración en verso. Mester de Clerecía

Resultado de imagen de melon y endrina Resultado de imagen de endrina


1.en.05 Sterotyping / Stereotyped?

Gender Stereotypes

Images used in the  media to portray men and women are essential to build up our perception of gender stereotypes. Some brands have adopted new strategies such as challenging  gender stereotypes brand  themselves have contributed to build up. Building up women’s confidence and self esteem is part of their aim.

Always is a brand of sanitary pads. Therefore,  it is not difficult to guess what their target group is. Recently, it launched a campaign that went viral. Have a look at the video.  Do you think it is effective? Did it make you reflect? If you had been asked to run like a girl what would have been your answer?

(més…) Narración en verso. Mester de juglaría


1.en.04 Identity: Who am I? Stereotype? Stereotyped?

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Do you find it easy or difficult to answer the question about who you are?

What are the elements that make you the way you are? What’ your IDENTITY?





Background? (més…) Lírica medieval culta.












Beram, Croacia, de Vincent of Kastav.