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Juliol 2019
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Anuncis Cuaderno de verano y examen de septiembre

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3.en.10 Who are the Mediterranean migrants?

We are going to learn about four individuals who will describe why they had to leave their homes and what expectation they have about a new life in Europe.

Choose one of the migrants and follow his / her story:

Note down:

  1. why they left their country;
  2. what their expectations of a new life in Europe are,
  3. the route they followed  to reach Europe and
  4. any incident they experienced in their journey.

Now, click on the image below and find out

Mediterranean migrants CS. RO. La guerra, mil formas y mil palabras

(més…) ST. Sintaxis. Repaso

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3.en.09 Escaping from War: the Journey of a Refugee





We are going to learn about the journey of refugees fleeing from war of violent conflicts in their home countries

Click on the images below to learn about what the journey of a refugee is like.

1 – Two Billion Miles


1) Note down the point of departure of your journey

2) Take notes about the journey in your notebook.

3) At some point along the route refugees must make a choice: Take note of your choice and continue the journey.

4) At every step note down the number of miles you have covered.

The starting point of your journey could be any of these:

  1. Asmara, Eritrea
  2. Buale, Somalia
  3. Damascus, Syria
  4. Sinjar, Iraq
  5. Aleppo, Syria
  6. Homs, Syria
  7. Ajuba, Nigeria


2 – Syrian Journey: Choose your own escape route


1) Choose whether to start your journey as MALE or FEMALE

2) Note down your experiences at every step of the journey

3) Note down the choices you make along the way

4) Describe your situation at the end of the journery Las convenciones teatrales

Resultado de imagen de títeres go polina


3.en.08 War and Conflict

We have learned how children use drawings to tell their experience of war.

Children and war

Click on the image below to learn how making these drawings has helped them: