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1.en.02 My journey to school

  • How long does it take you to get to school?
  • Do you walk?
  • Do you  take the  bus?
  • Does someone give you a lift?

What are  other kids from around the world journeys to school  like? Click on the image and find out:


Task:Use your laptops. Work with your partner. Choose two of the photos (one each) . Situate the countries in a world map.


The importance of School

Have a look at the wordcloud. Do you understand all the words?

Copy in your notebook the new words. What do they mean? Use an online dictionary and get ready to share with your classmates


Now, complete the following tasks:

  • Find a definition of literacy
  • Find what the acronym UNESCO stands for
  • Check  in the UNESCO statistics page what the literacy rate of the countries you chose is. You only have to click on the image below:


  • Explore the interactive map in the UNESCO site. What are the countries with higher number of people who cannot read and write?
  • Is there a difference between young and old people?
  • What about between men and women?
  • What about Spain?
  • Were you surprised by your findings?

Share your findings with the rest of the class.

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