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1.en.04 My town, my neighbourhood, my home

Have a look at the photos. Can you identify what these places are?

santa-catalina     plaza-madrid     jaume-iii

Let’s start by talking about your street & neighbourhood.

  1. What street do you live in? Is it a long or a short street? Narrow or wide?
  2. What businesses, facilities, buildings, … are there?
  3. What neighboourhood is it in?
  4. Is there any special place near your home you like specially?

Look at this map of Palma, could you say what neighbourhood you live in?



In this page from Marc Chagall school, you will find a set of exercises that will help you talk about your house, your neighbourhood and your city.

Do the activities and write down new words in your notebook.

Click on the images to go to the interactive books:

         My house                                                                           My town

My house Marc Chagall

My town Marc Chagall








You can also try the vocabulary exercises below:

                                                            In town

Shops & Places in town 2Shops & Places in town 1

           In the house                                                          In the bedroom

In the house   In the bedroom

Common Shops & Places in Town                        Rooms in a House

Rooms in a house

Common Places & Shops in town

                                  Reading: A letter from Newquay

Click on the postcard below and read what Alex Howarth wants to tell you about his home town Newquay.

Postcard Newquay

Now, you can try to write a similar letter about your town or neighbourhood.

Plan your own neighbourhood

In this site you will be able to explore different neighbourhoods and act a a city planner deciding what your town will be like.

Captura de pantalla 2015-10-26 a la(s) 7.12.21 AM

Once you access the website, you can click on any of the tools to explore the different possibilities.of town planning.

With a partner now you have to plan or develop your own street or town with the help of the OBSERVER or the PLANNER tool.

When you have completed your plan, save it and convert it into a 3-D image. Keep it in your laptop or save it in a stick, so you can send the image to one of your teachers,

In your notebook write a short description of the street or town you have designed. Add some extra information: town name, location, population, type, …

Now, with the help of the image and your description present it to the class.


Visit Liverpool

Have a look at the flyer about activities to do in Liverpool. Then, click on the image and answer the questions:

Liverpool flyer

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