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2.en.07 The City Walls

Last Friday (19th January) we went on a tour to learn a few things about the 3 rings of walls that the city of Palma has had in its long history: Roman, Islamic and Modern.


Have a look at the presentation below which shows a brief account of the evolution on the different city walls:

1) History of the City Walls in Palma

Use the links below to discover a few new things about the history of the Walls in Palma:

Palma, ciudad romana

La evolución urbana de Palma

If you would like to learn a few more things about how and why walls were built click on the link below:

Fortresses and Defense Walls

2) The city area

Planol Palma 1

The maps in the presentation will help you to compare how the city grew in extension from its foundation by the Romans up to the 18th century, before the walls were pulled down and the city enlarged its area out of the walls.

Task 1: Use the street map in your handout to draw three different lines marking the perimeter of the different city walls.

task 2: Use one of the area calculating tools below to calculate the approximate area and perimeter of the walls in Roman, Medieval and Modern times:

Daft Logic Area Calculator tool
Free map Tools
Map Developers
3planeta Area Calculator

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