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2.en.08 Describing people: My family, my friends

Now that we have watched Matilda you will have to write a description of some of the characters. Below you can see a presentation that will help you to make better descriptions:

You can also have a look in this website:

Now you can describe two of the characters in the film. Use the images in the presentation below and write a description of the two characters your teacher will assign to you:

My family, my friends

Use the materials in the presentation to write two different descriptions, one must be a member of your family and the second one of your friends.

So, if we have to talk about families maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea that we revise some vocabulary and expressions about how to do it!

Let’s have a look at the links below:

  1. Talking about your family (i)
  2. Talking about your family (ii)
  3. Talking about families

Listen to Pancho talking about his family and answer the questions:


Comparing people

Click on the image below to learn more about making comparisons:


Sam and Jack are friends. Sam wants to play Game of Kings, but Jack is more interested in Sam’s family.


Kelly has made a new friend, Yoko, from Japan and she’s written an email to tell Yoko about her family. Read the email and answer the questions:



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