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1.en.01 New Journey Together


Hi everyone!

From first to second year. We have moved forward and so has our blog. Unfortunately, holidays  are over.  This summer, which is now drawing to an end , some of you have travelled to distant places;  we are curious  indeed  and would like you to share your experiences with us.

We shall start the  school year on the move. Rather than sitting in class all day, we shall set sail on a new journey together: books, films, paintings and news will help us visit places we’ve never been to. Travel will be the theme of this first term. You will decide where, who with and how you will travel. 

Your teacher hope this school year will turn to be an exciting journey!

Some tasks to make us move. Homework:

In this site, Quotes About Travel, you will find hundreds of inspiring quotes about travelling.  The student  responsible for introducing the lesson will choose a new one every day to introduce the session. He/she will cut and paste it in the  diary document and share it with  classmates. Everyone should choose a different weekly quote and copy it in their notebook.  here you can see the first five. Which one do you find most inspiring?

Travel quotes

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