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1.en.02 Travelling

What is your favourite way of travelling? Do you like travelling fast or do you prefere to take your time and enjoy the journey?

Have a look at the words below; Are they all familiar to you?

Do the words travel, trip, journey, voyage or tour refer to the same thing? Click on the image below to find out.

How many different means of transport have you been able to identiy? How many of them have you ever travelled by?


Now, let’s have a look at a short fims about the developments in transport.

Try to identify the different means of transport showed in the film:


How would you describe a journey? Would it make any difference if you travelled by plane or boat, or train or spaceship? What could you say about the experience? How you feel; What you see.

Listen to a poem by a famous English author, Robert Louis Stevenson. In the poem he describes a train journey, recalling memories from his childhood:

Now, let’s look at the words. How many lines can you recite by heart?

From a railway carriage

Another Train Poem


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