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1.en.03 Let’s talk about people: describing, comparing, speculating and reacting

This post will help you when you have to talk or write about a photograph or an image.

Have a look at David Mainwood’s presentation below. He’s the English teacher and a blogger, who made this excellent presentation that will surely help you improve your oral skills and face the oral exam with much more confidence.  Copy the useful language that appears in slide 28 and have it at hand. You can use the pics in David’s presentation or some others of your choice. The aim is to internalise the steps in picture description until it comes out naturally.  It will take you more than one try.  You have 18 slides to get you started.

(més…) RL. MT. Recursos literarios. Métrica.


1.en.02 Humans of New York (HONY): a mosaic of portraits and stories

In 2010, Brandon Stanton  set out to photograph 10,000 New Yorkers. Seven years later, his photoblog is followed by more than 7 million people on social media. It has become so very popular among New Yorkers that now everyone in the city knows what the acronym hony stands for.  Sometimes Brandon accompanies his pics with a  caption, a quote or even a story.

Let’s look at one of his photos:

(més…) Tipos y tópicos (4). Los tópicos literarios

Resultado de imagen de tópico literario carpe diem

(més…) Tipos y tópicos (3) Tipos literarios medievales.

(més…) Los tipos y tópicos literarios (2). Diferencia entre tipo y tópico.

(més…) Los tipos literarios y los tópicos literarios (1)

Resultado de imagen de marca ganadería hierro candente

(més…) CTNL. Práctica

(més…) Los cuadros hablan. CTNL de cuadros medievales. Exposiciones orales