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1.en.01 Playing with words

Let’s start the year playing…

Close your eyes. What is the first image that comes to your mind when you hear the word  PLAY?

Write it down and share your ideas with your partners.

Look at this  dictionary entry of the word Play

  • How many different uses of the word play can you think of?
  • What about collocations with play? Phrasal verbs? Idiomatic expressions?
  • Check in a dictionary the number of entries of this word.

Now watch the first part of this video. How many uses of play can you identify

Now we’ll watch the rest of the video.

  • How many words ( at least 3 ) can you identify? How many uses of the word?
  • What are the scenes that connect one word with the next?
  • After discussing with your group choose a spokesperson and share your findings with the class

Homework: Use one monolingual and /or a collocation dictionary  and  write down 5  different examples  of some of the word that appear in the video.

Here are some useful links to two dictionaries of collocations and a good monolingual one:


Captura de pantalla 2014-09-12 a la(s) 12.43.39 PM


Dictionary collocations

Just the Word

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