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Nominalization is the transformation of verbs, adjectives or other nouns into nouns.

We use nominalization to turn verbs, adjectives or other nouns into nouns in order to use them as subjects or objects of a verb.

We can form nominalization by adding suffixes.

 I. Nominalization of adjectives

We can turn an adjective into a noun by using these suffixes:

1. ness

Examples: happy : happiness / sad : sadness

2. ry

Example: brave : bravery

3. th

Examples: deep : depth / long : length / born : birth

4. ity

Examples: able : ability / active ; activity

5. ty

Examples: cruel: cruelty / poor : poverty

6. ‘nt’ changes to ‘nce’

Examples: excellent : excellence / intelligent : intelligence / violent : violence

7. ist

Example: active : activist

Some adjectives are transformed into nouns without adding any suffix:

Examples: angry : anger / proud: pride / famous : fame

Exercise: Combine or transform the sentences by turning the adjectives into nouns:

  1. “The witness was silent. It helped the accused to be set free.”
  2. “The elephant’s thick skin protects it from danger.”
  3. “Joseph is a stupid boy. He gets into trouble often.”
  4. “Arpana is happy to have Trupti with her. That is all that matters.”
  5. “The golf course was difficult. Many golfers performed poorly.”
  6. “It is important for teenagers to be independent. This should not be underestimated.”
  7. “Water is becoming scarce in many parts of the world, giving planners sleepless nights.”
  8. “My sister was cheerful. This made me forget all my troubles.”
  9. “Roger Federer is famous. It gets him numerous advertising contracts.”
  10. “The little boy gave a brave performance.”
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