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2.en.08 The Homes Of The Future

What do you think the homes of the future will be like?

Click on the image below and find out what the people in the BBC would like to teach us:

A taste of the future BBC

Electrolux is a well known Swedish brand of household appliances. Several years ago Electrolux launched a competition to encourage young designers to contribute with their vision of innovative products for the home of the future. Initially it was called Electrolux Design Lab.

A few years ago the competition changed its name to Electrolux Ideas Lab. Let’s look at the winner and finalists of the last editions of this competition and some of the winners and finalists of past editions of the Design Lab. Each year the competition revolves around a different concept or theme.

Electrolux Design Lab







Electrolux Ideas Lab




Activity 1

If you could choose a winner among the winners and finalists of the last editions of the competition, which would that be? Why?

Write down the following information about the device:

Name & Description of what it is , what it looks like and how you use it

Author & Nationality

Activity 2

Now, visit the Electrolux Ideas Lab website and try to answer the questions below

  • What are the requirements to enter the competition?
  • What is the area your project must focus on?
  • How are the projects going to be evaluated?
  • What is the deadline for submitting your project?
  • What does the award consist on?
  • What steps should you follow to create your project for the competition?

Activity 3: Group work. Create your own design

Imagine your group would like to take part in the competition. Discuss and agree on a gadget you would like to see in the households of the future:

How does the gadget help you?

What does it look like?

How does it work?

How do you call it?

Create visual presentation for the class including all the details mentioned above. Try to make it as attractive as possible.

Click on the images below to get to the Competition Website:



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